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With nearly every feature you can think of, as well as dedicated staff and an active support team, Mortex is the perfect addition to any Discord server. Scroll down to learn more . . .

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The below statistics are fetched live from a custom API, and are here to demonstrate the scale of this project.

134,248 Users

Combined total of every user who shares a server with Mortex

26 Servers

Total number of servers Mortex is in

1248 Commands used

Total number of commands executed over Mortex's lifetime

68 Positive Reviews

Total numbers of positive reviews people submitted.

1,492 Global Channels

Total number of channels connected to the global chat

214 Global Bans

Total number of users on the global ban list


Add Mortex Bot to your server to get all the following features and more!

Spread your name

This feature is for helping server owners spread the word about their growing servers, and also for helping newer Discord users find a community they want to join.

  • Create your own customized advertisement
  • Bump your ad every 2 hours.
  • View all the ads in a channel on Mortex's server.

Connect with new people

This feature is for linking up different channels across different servers, so that you can meet new people and form new connections.

  • Link a channel to a multi-server global chat
  • Connect your own channels to each other across servers

Keep it clean

Mortex bot has an extensive list of moderation commands and functions for helping you keep your server the way you want it to be.

  • Automatically grant new users a designated role
  • Kick, ban, or warn members with a simple command
  • Automatically delete messages containing your set words/phrases
  • Set up welcome/goodbye messages for when members join or leave
  • Set up a live stat tracker for your server
  • Automatically log all server activity to a designated channel
  • Bulk delete large amounts of messages

Have fun

Mortex bot has many miscellaneous commands that can vastly improve the user experience.

  • Get the answer to any objective, fact-based question
  • Search Google without needing to leave Discord
  • Create a poll for users to vote on
  • View detailed information about the specified user, server, or emote